5 Must-Have Accessories for Your 2018 Ford F-150

Like we talked about earlier the 2018 Ford F-150 is a fantastic vehicle, but with so many on the roads of the Chatham-Kent area they can start to look a little… innocuous. Thankfully Lally Southpoint Ford has the solution! Our Parts Department offers a wide selection of affordable accessories that are sure to make your F-150 stand out from the crowd. We’ve assembled a list of the 5 best accessories you should consider if you’re looking to modify your new F-150!

FUEL Offroad Rims

Nothing makes a statement quite like a set of flashy new wheels! That’s why we are an exclusive carrier of FUEL offroad rims, to ensure that you have access to wheels that are both of high-quality and look good. This rims are forged from a single block of high-strength aluminum so you’ll never have to worry about their endurance – even if you go off road! They’re available in a wide selection of colours and styles, so there’s sure to be a set that will catch your eye.

Custom Exhaust Tips

Want to add a little pizazz to your exhaust system? We offer custom exhaust tips that will do just the trick. These tips come in a variety of styles, so you can choose which ones appeal most to your personal sense of style. While they won’t change the look of your truck too much, they’re a perfect way to cap off your other modifications.

Levelling Kit

One of the most popular ways to accessorize your F-150 is with a levelling kit. These kits lift the body away from the axles so you can fit larger wheels and tires for that aggressive offroad look. Our Order Parts page will let you quickly order a levelling kit that’s a perfect fit for your 2018 Ford F-150, and for far less than the competition!

Fender Flares

Another crucial part of that aggressive offroad look you’re looking for are wide fender flares to cover your upgraded wheels and tires. We offer multiple styles of flares as well, so you can choose which ones work best for your F-150. Our Service Department is more than capable of installing any flares your want quickly and professionally.

Offroad Tires

You’ve got the flares, you’ve got the lift, and you’ve got the rims – now all you need are the right tires. Fortunately we offer a robust selection of offroad tires to fit your needs. This chunky offroad rubber will complete the look of your truck while providing increased performance in rough terrain. Visit our Accessories page for information and pricing!