Lally Southpoint Ford Offers Test Drives at Your Door!

Here at Lally Southpoint Ford, we understand that you’re a busy person. Whether it’s work during weekdays or errands on the weekend, there’s not a lot of time left in your day to come down to our dealership and test drive our Fords. And if you live outside of Leamington, ON, then it becomes doubly difficult to find the time for test drives. Thankfully, we have a solution!

Our dealership offers the Test Drives at Your Door program, which allows you to schedule a test drive in any one of our incredible new or used vehicles. But the best part is that when then bring the vehicle to you! That’s right, rather than having to drive to our dealership one of our sales representatives will drive the vehicle you’re interested in to your home or office so you can take a test drive at your leisure!

There’s no added cost associated with this program either, so feel free to take advantage whenever you like. The only stipulation is that in order to prevent excess wear-and-tear on our vehicles, we cannot drive more than one hour beyond our dealership. That doesn’t mean you can’t meet us halfway though!

So no matter if you’re from the Chatham-Kent area and you find something in our New Vehicle Inventory that catches your eye, don’t despair! Contact Us today to Book a Test Drive and we’ll be more than happy to arrange for the vehicle to be transported to your home or business so you can take a closer look.

Mobile Trade Appraisals

Interested in getting your current car, truck, or SUV appraised but don’t have the time to bring it to our dealership? Lally Southpoint Ford also offers mobile trade appraisals so you can get your vehicle appraised while performing more important tasks, like taking one of our vehicles for a Test Drive perhaps?

Vehicle Delivery

Perhaps you’ve found that perfect vehicle and you’re ready to sign on the dotted line, but you’re from out of town? We also offer vehicle delivery services, so you can sit back and relax while we start the paperwork and delivery your new car, truck, or SUV right to your door! Visit our Travel Assist Program page to learn more about this program and others!