Meet Your Go-To Leamington Ford Dealer!

Leamington is home to a tightly-knit community of townspeople. Most people from here established their roots since birth and go on to do great things in the city. Whether or not they stay here is uncertain, but either way, it’s a community that’s interdependent no matter where people go. We want to capture the support this community gives through our customer service, both inside and out of the Leamington area.

Much like the townspeople, our dealership wants to ensure that you get the best vehicle that fits your needs with the best help possible. That’s why our passion and appreciation can be seen throughout our work, so you know we mean it. As a dealership, these are the missions and values that Lally Southpoint Ford hopes to embody.


Our sales staff at Lally Southpoint are proud to offer you the best Ford has to offer, while ensuring you don’t leave here without a vehicle. Does that mean we’re gonna badger you with incentives and hard sales tactics to buy one of our cars? Of course not! We just mean that we’re committed to helping you find the right vehicle. Our sales staff treat each other, and our customers, like family and actively participate in the community around us. We take our kids to the workplace, collect food for the food bank, and raise money for Ford’s Drive 4 Ur Community events! Because that’s just the way we do it here at Lally Southpoint Ford.

Service & Maintenance

We at Lally Southpoint Ford do more than just sell vehicles—we also fix them too! Our highly qualified technicians are here to provide you with exceptional service while making great time. From oil changes to transmission replacements, the list just keeps going because our dealership handles all kinds of repairs. Do you drive something other than a Ford? That’s not a problem either! We offer our fantastic services and repairs to other models and makes as well. We’re dedicated to maintaining top-tier customer service and remaining your go-to service and dealership among Leamington Fords. Getting your car serviced is just as easy as booking an appointment online!

Leasing & Financing

One of the great things about operating here in Leamington is the lower costs of living compared to the major Ontario cities. Our financing options continue this tradition by making your car payments just as affordable. Lally Southpoint Ford’s got you covered when it comes to easy and convenient financing options, since we represent most major banks and credit unions. Even if you’re credit is good or bad, we still want to ensure you aren’t without a vehicle. We even offer low-interest loans for customers with existing loans by refinancing your existing loan or adjusting the term of the contract. Either way, you’re getting the lowest monthly payments possible so you don’t have to worry about spending big-city rates for your vehicle.


Lally Southpoint Ford has a massive inventory of new and used Ford vehicles in Leamington—but that’s not all. We’re also able to bring in other vehicles from other stores within the Lally Automotive Group! Not only do you get access to more vehicles, but you never have to worry about a particular model, trim, or color in stock. We specialize in new and used Ford vehicles, but we also carry used cars and trucks from all other manufacturers as well! Our vehicle lineup is vast and abundant, giving you more options and guaranteeing that you won’t be without a vehicle.

These are just a few things about us here at Lally Southpoint Ford. We hope you’ll come to us for all your vehicle needs! We’re just a phone call, message, or visit to our dealership away for you to get the best out of your Ford vehicle. Our dealership doors are open to all customers in Leamington, and throughout Canada.