The 5 Best Accessories for Your Ford SUV!

Whether you drive an Escape, an Edge, an Expedition, or one of the many other great Ford SUVs available from Lally Southpoint Ford, you can be sure that ! However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be customized to further suit your needs. Our Parts Department has a wide assortment of accessories available for any Ford SUV, so no matter what you drive, you can find premium accessories at affordable prices.

That’s why we’ve listed the 5 best accessories available, so you can get the very most out of your SUV. Let’s begin!

Rear Seat Entertainment Unit

Things can get boring on long road trips, and if you have children they need to be entertained for the sake of the driver’s sanity. That’s why we offer rear-seat entertainment units, to keep those restless passengers happy! These units can come as either single or duel 10.1-inch screens with a built-in DVD player and lightweight mounting system. They also accept USB and HDMI inputs so they can interface with smartphones and tablets. These units are affordably priced and available now on our Accessories page!

Bicycle Carrier

Sisters sitting in the back of their family car, talking to one another and laughing.

Cycling is a great outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy! Unfortunately, trying to load a bunch of bicycles into the rear of your SUV can prove to be a difficult, if not downright impossible, task. That’s why we offer a number of bicycle carriers, including roof-mounted and hitch-mounted varieties, that can hold between 2 and 4 bicycles depending on your needs. Talk to our Parts Department today and we’d be more than happy to help you find the perfect bike rack to suit you and your family’s needs!

Remote Start Systems

A remote starter is another extremely popular accessory thanks to its year-round usability. Obviously in winter a remote starter will save you from cold seats and a freezing cabin, but in summer a remote starter will activate the climate control and ventilated seats (if equipped) to save you from a sweltering interior as well! Our remote starters are specifically designed to work with your SUV and are aggressively priced to a better deal than the aftermarket options. Visit our Parts Department for more information today!

Cargo Box

Accessorize your Ford SUV at Lally Southpoint Ford

If you find yourself struggling for cargo space, a roof-mounted cargo box could be exactly what the doctor ordered! Inexpensive and easily installed, a cargo box can carry anything from skis to groceries. It’s also easy to load thanks to a side-opening feature and is lockable so you can store valuables in it without fear. Visit our Accessories page for more information on this

Floor Liners

These may not be the most glamorous of accessories, but they are easily the most helpful. Whether it’s the snow and sleet or winter or the rain and mud of summer, these durable floor liners protect your SUV’s carpets from dirt and grime that would otherwise permanently stain them. And unlike aftermarket mats, our mats have been custom engineered to perfectly fit your Edge, EcoSport, Expedition, or any other Ford SUV!