Fuel® Off-road rims

“Fuel” Up Your Ford Truck

Are you longing for a new simple touch for your Ford truck? At Lally Southpoint Ford, we know just what you need. Fuel® Off-road wheels and rims are exactly what you are looking for. We guarantee you that your driving experience is never going to be the same after you have tried one of these products. Fuel® Off-Road wheels are the most advanced off-road wheels and rims on the market because they provide the most modern designs and technologies. Keep on reading to learn more about these Fuel® Off-Road rims and discover what distinguishes them from the rest.

If you often use your Ford truck for off-road driving then you have probably realized that most wheels and rims available on the market do not entirely provide the stability and tire longevity you desire. And this is the reason why Fuel® Off-Road wheels and rims were created. After almost ten years of production, they have become the best wheels and rims for off-road driving on the market. They are made from 6061 T-6 forged aluminum mono blocks for superior quality. Every Ford truck is unique and therefore deserves a specific wheel and rim made for it. Fuel ® Off-Road rims are all custom design to each truck. Besides, did you know that you can also get Fuel ® Off-Road rims for your SUV?

Unlike many other wheels and rims on the market, Fuel® Off-Road products help your Ford truck perform better in off-road conditions by providing better braking performance and decreasing the risk of brake failure. Your wheels will also last longer because they will be less likely to corrode and rust. Not only are Fuel® Off-Road products like nothing you have ever used before, they are also like nothing you have seen before; they are crafted with avant-garde engineering and designs. The wheels and rims are available in various colours such as polished, black and milled and custom painted. The choice is really yours to make!

For your convenience, we have a huge selection of Fuel® Off-Road products at Lally Southpoint Ford. We have an inventory of different sizes, colors and packages of these specialty wheels and rims. You can order from us, get your wheels and rims assembled with us and our competent staff members are also able to repair your wheels in case anything should happen. Lally Southpoint Ford is also the dealership to come to if you are looking for any replacement parts. Our main goal is basically to make our customers happy and satisfied by providing a thorough service and an exceptional experience for them.

Don’t hesitate to contact our parts department for more information about the Fuel® Off-Road wheels and rims. If you already know what you are looking for, then you can put in your order today!