Tire Centre

Lally Southpoint Ford stocks tires and wheels for every season, at competitive prices and with a great selection for all Ford models. If you’re looking for a special manufacturer brand of truck tires and rims, then you’re sure to find it with us. Our all-terrain Ford truck and SUV tires will offer you grade-A on- and off-road performance.

Driving with the proper car tires for the road conditions is important in keeping your vehicle safe on the road. While winter snow tires are best for cold-weather conditions, using the same tires in the summer will lead to premature wear and thus, reduced performance. All-season tires are excellent for many warm-weather conditions, but when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius, all-weather tires definitely do begin to lose their grip and will not perform as well as snow tires.

Here at Lally Southpoint Ford, we carry a variety of both winter and all-season tires to match your needs. Get the best tire advice from our Ford dealer: Lally Southpoint Ford.