Tricor Vehicle Protection Plans

Tricor Vehicle Protection Plans Help Protect Your Investment

If you’ve just purchased a new car, truck, or SUV from us at Lally Southpoint Ford, then you’re undoubtedly excited to get your new vehicle out on the roads of the Chatham-Kent area. Before you take off however, have you taken a moment to consider how you’re going to protect your new investment?

The world can be an unforgiving place for a new vehicle with potholes, thieves, rust, and paint chips – just to name a few. Thankfully Lally Southpoint Ford offers the full suite of Tricor Vehicle Protection plans to help insure that your new pride-and-joy remains in showroom condition. Contact our Finance Department for more information.

Here is a list of the various Tricor Vehicle Protection plans available for purchase:

Corrosion Protection

Rather than using dirty chemical sprays, Tricor uses an advanced electromagnetic corrosion inhibitor to reduce the rate of corrosion on automotive sheet metal panels by up to 99.7%. This one-time application is even resistant to perforation from stones and the like. Plus, this process is not only Canada’s best-selling electromagnetic corrosion technology, but it also comes with the best corrosion warranty in the industry! Contact Us today for more information.

Exterior Paint Protection

A good paint job keeps your vehicle looking shiny and new. However, a bad paint job makes your car look much older than it really is. That’s why Tricor Paint Protection is designed to protect your paint against damaging UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, road tar, and other harmful substances. This will keep your vehicle looking showroom fresh for years to come!

Interior Protection

The Tricor Interior Protection products are designed to protect your interior from spills or stains with changing the look or feel of your vehicle’s materials. These products are made to work on fabric, leather, and vinyl, and retain their protective properties even after multiple spills. As an added bonus, these products also protect again rips, tears, fading, or cracking in leather seats.

Rust Inhibitor/Underbody

Another excellent Tricor product is their Rust Inhibitor/Sound Deadener which, as the name suggests, both protects your vehicle’s undercarriage from rusting as well as deadening the sound for a quieter cabin. The electro-chemical formula permanently bonds into all the crevices and cavities where rust likes to form. This process is also performed without drilling or modifying your vehicle’s undercarriage, and is a one-time lifetime application!

Road Hazard

It’s estimated that the majority of vehicle breakdowns are due to flat tires – not surprising given the number of potholes in the Chatham-Kent area. Tricor offers an extended warranty on tires and rims, including balancing and roadside assistance. This program also covers:

  • 100% Reimbursement for flat tires and rim repair
  • All taxes plus cost for mounting and balancing
  • Up to $100 in emergency road service charges
  • All tires on your vehicle for the duration of the contract


Sadly, vehicle theft is a real problem in the Chatham-Kent area, but you can protect yourself and your vehicle with Tricor’s Anti-Theft coverage. This program engraves traceable identification codes discreetly onto your vehicle, greatly decreasing the chances of your vehicle being stolen thanks to how easily it can be traced. And in the event your vehicle is stolen without recovery, Tricor will work with you to ensure that your insurance company fully reimburses you.


As a Tricor Auto partner, we are proud to offer nitrogen to fill your tires instead of normal air. This is because unlike regular oxygen, nitrogen stay fully inflated for up to 4 times longer, reducing tire wear and increasing your fuel economy. This can also improve vehicle safety, as many drivers forget to regularly check their tire pressure, and an under-inflated tire it at increased risk of tread separation, becoming flat, or even suffering a blowout.